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Dystopia Now: Hickman’s Eggs, Mass Incarceration, and the Matrix of Privilege

Are Hickman’s Eggs the Fruits of Slave Labor?

From its genesis in a Glendale chicken coop, Hickman’s Family Farms has grown to become the largest industrial egg producer in the SouthwestEver since 1995, however, the company’s growth has been subsidized by the government in the form of inmate labor, provided by the Arizona Department of Corrections at a fraction of the minimum wage. Is this a “win-win” deal for free market market capitalism … or is it the latest incarnation of slavery and Jim Crow?


Journalist and cultural critic Kerry Stewart Lengel is a straight white male Gen-Xer who is aware of the irony when he says he doesn’t identify as any of those things. In his wild youth he identified as a radical feminist, but he is currently in a post-ism phase, on the way to posthuman.

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